What we do

ShedSafe provides enhanced security solutions to businesses and home owners looking to secure their property and their contents. ShedSafe is allied to Tojaro Industries Ltd., a UK based, family run company providing engineering services across the paper, steelwork and manufacturing industry.

Borne of the need for Tojaro CEO and Owner to improve the security of his property and its contents, Bob oversaw the development from concept to manufacture of two enhanced security products: the ShedBar, and the Padlock Cover.

The ShedSafe is a twin bar of steel design, spanning various widths of building doors to safeguard against their breaking and entering from thieves. The Padlock Cover is a reinforced steel shroud encasing padlocks, preventing access to their vulnerable shackles by way of padlock shims. The ShedBar and Padlock Cover are low-cost alternatives to more expensive security solutions requiring maintenance and round-the-clock monitoring, with each product complementing the other.

Responsible for their initial design, construction, testing and manufacturing, Bob has successfully designed and tested units for self use. More recently, he has begun implementing full-scale manufcature of the ShedBar and the Padlock Cover, with each product achieving patented and reigstered design status respectively, and both proudly gaining Made in Britain accreditation.

Who we are

Bob has more than 40 years' experience in technical and managerial capacities within the engineering industry, putting him in the perfect position to create innovative products with practical benefits.

Lea has spent the past six years working freelance and across the private and public sectors in marketing and social media management, promoting businesses activities and engaging key stakeholders.

Tom has worked across a number of project management roles for leading UK IT companies over the past 12 years of experience, using his strategic and sales understanding to drive forward those aspects of the business.