Padlocks are used to secure properties and their highly valuable contents:

Residential properties and gates

Residential outbuildings and garden sheds

Industrial and commercial properties

Toolboxes, lockers and even access to vehicles

While many padlocks are manufactured with hardened steel shackles, there is still a high risk that padlocks can be removed using bolt croppers or padlock shims. Without wishing to advertise the dubious use of padlock shims, the reality is that they exist and will be used to render your padlock useless, and to gain access to your property and its possessions.


The Padlock Cover (Registered Design 6021268) provides added security to your padlock by encompassing the padlock body and shackle, denying thieves access to the shackle whilst also providing a visible deterrent to would be thieves.

The Padlock Cover is a one-piece product manufactured of carbon steel hardened to a minimum Vickers Hardness value of 400 Hv (46 HRC Rockwell). The Padlock Cover is fitted to the padlock itself and remains fitted, becoming an integral part of the padlock itself; however, it can also be easily removed for maintenance or replacement. Its unique design feature decreases time and effort in storing or removing the Padlock Cover from the padlock, before removing the padlock itself from the lock.

The Padlock Cover also restricts movement of the padlock without restricting easy access to the lock using a key for normal locking and unlocking. This unique design feature makes accessing the padlock itself more difficult for anyone attempting to pick the lock.

It is recommended that a good quality padlock should always be used in conjunction with the Padlock Cover to minimise the risk of theft. A UK MANUFACTURED PADLOCK COVER IS SUPPLIED WITH THE PADLOCK COVER.

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Key features

+ Suitable for all keyed padlocks

+ Manufacturing currently focused on padlock designs 40mm wide – please contact us for other sizes

+ Simple to fit – no tools required

+ No impact upon padlock operation

+ Shrouds padlock body and shackle for added protection against tampering

+ Remains captive to the padlock

+ Carbon steel design hardened to provide greater resistance against attack and corrosion

+ Suitable for various applications of padlock use – properties, gates, sheds, vehicles, toolboxes and many more

+ UK-manufactured padlock included with two keys

+ Packaging 100% recyclable



Operating the Padlock Cover