According to UK magazine Which?, almost one third of us store more than £2000 worth of equipment in our outbuildings and garden sheds. UK insurer Aviva report that we are no longer storing just expensive garden tools and equipment; we are increasingly using our outbuildings as offices, storing expensive equipment such as laptops, computers, and mobile phones, as well as storing sports equipment, garden furniture, and other household products.

Thieves will do almost anything to obtain valuables by illegal means. Yet it is staggering to think that many of us rely on just a few wood screws to deter would-be thieves. A common lock for garden sheds is a simple hasp and staple, which can be easily removed by simply undoing a handful of small woodscrews.


Alternatively, the shed door can be opened from the hinge side by also simply removing a handful of woodscrews. Even more concerning, the UK MET police caution homeowners that thieves frequently target outbuildings and sheds because they provide the means (such as tools and ladders) to target the home.

You wouldn’t think twice about securing your home, so why not secure your outbuildings and sheds too? This is where the ShedBar can help.

The ShedSafe™ ShedBar provides an innovative, simple and well-built deterrent that is easy to fit and maintenance-free. This Patented design (Patent Number GB2393478) provides an effective means of preventing access to your garden shed by spanning the door opening in a horizontal plane, preventing access to lock fixing screws and removal of the door from the hinge side.

The ShedSafe™ ShedBar remains captive to the building structure in both the locked/closed and unlocked/open positions, by means of a pivot – eliminating the need to remove and reinstate the assembly every time you require access. Manufactured in steel, the ShedBar is simple to install, with all fittings and instructions included with every purchase. The ShedBar is also designed to be maintenance free, providing you with hassle-free peace of mind.

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Operating the ShedBar